“Do Black Lives Matter to Black People” Panel event in conference.

Journalism students at York College visited Dr. Ron Daniels and Dr. Vincent Barney for a press conference on the Does Black lives Matter To Black People panel on April 18th. The men’s Barbershop association originally scheduled a discussion on the panel topic but postponed the talks for reasons unknown .

According to the event’s poster, Other persons expected to talk at the even included

  • Key Note Speaker:
    • Dorothy Johnson-Speight, Executive Director, Mothers in Charge, Philadelphia, PA
  • Panelist:
    • Jasmine Graves, Black Lives Matter, NYC
    • Andre Mitchell, Executive Director of Man Up, Inc., East NY
    • Sugar Wright, Founder of Keep Our Streets Safe, Jamaica, NY
    • Jasmine Graves, Black Lives Matter, NYC
    • Ashley Oliver, Pandora’s Box York College, Journalist
    • Gregory Hetmeyer, Social Work Club, York College
    • Ashley Oliver, Pandora’s Box York College, Journalist
    • Jasmine Graves, Black Lives Matter, NYC
    • Donald Vernon, Esq. York College Alumnus

Dr. Ron Daniels who is an Associate Dean of Student Development at York College shared one of the many important reasons for being connected to this event.

We had a student at York college who was murdered in an  senseless killing, not that any killing is rational, and it created a great deal of pain on the campus and Dean Banrey approached me as the distinguished lecturer to talk about weather we can work to gather to organize an event to see what we can do about the fact that unfortunately inside the black community, there are lots of violence and lots of murders that occur in the community so we want to find out why this is occurring and are there things to be done to provide solutions.”   

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