Dreams Upholstery

Dreams Upholstery is a family owned business located in Ozone Park, Queens, New York. Over the course of three weeks, I learned a little bit more about what it meant to work in Upholstery and documented their daily work lives. With every passing day there was more to be learned about both the craft and what made this family’s bond strong.

Capturing Flushing, Queens

An increase in violent hate crimes against Asian-Americans plagued the city as the coronavirus run rampant throughout New York City. Flushing is home to many thriving Chinese, Korean and Japanese businesses. I documented life in this busy, successful and venerable community who experienced violence based on misconceived notions on their culture.

Grand Bazaar Flea

In searching for more possible sources in my Capstone Project, I went to visit independent vendors at the Grand Bazar Flea Market on the upper east side of Manhattan to ask how they’ve been holding up throughout pandemic induced shut-downs and more.


A collection of work done In studying photojournalism and photography at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism.




Anthony’s professional Instagram page is home to some of his photo projects and where he posts some of his personal projects. You can also find Anthony’s work on his flickr profile. A new website for his photos is in the works.