PB Review: Sushi at York

The York College cafeteria and Starbucks announced it would serve sushi rolls on Tuesday, Nov 29. One brave Pandora’s Box editor decided to review the quality of sushi.

York’s six-piece Salmon roll with cucumber, ginger, carrots and wasabi cost $7.49. It appeared to have been hand made sushi in its chilled clear plastic container.

Overall the dish was bland. The green paste wasabi left a faint aftertaste and lacked the spark of fresh wasabi. A sticky consistency throughout the roll’s rice clumped each piece together, but failed to hold its form while using the complimentary chopsticks. A small package of soy sauce served as the only consistent flavor in the dish.
The ginger root did take its form of sweet and tangy flavor, but poured over into the carrots and complimentary cucumber slice. A taste of frozen rice and salmon took over the seaweed wrap and made the dish largely underwhelming.

Aladdin Food Management Services provides York with all assortments of menu items from breakfast to lunch, but sushi may not be the right dish for York.


Submitted by culinary daredevil Anthony Medina

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