The Chermin Group, Bob Iger, and eBay, just poured $263 million into Funko as the tiny collectibles become big business for investors and resellers

Business Insider

On May 5th, The Chernin Group announced a $263 million investment into toymaker Funko, Inc., for a 25% stake.



A March For Change

Rockaway gathers once more on Rockaway Beach Boardwalk 

The Wave Newspaper

On the 10th straight day of protests across the country over the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, Rockaway community groups organized a march down the Rockaway Beach Boardwalk on Saturday, June 6. 



Shootings Through the Roof: NYPD Crime Stats Reveal

The Wave Newspaper

Crime continues to plague New York City with an increase in shooting incidents, murders and burglaries for the month of July, according to statistics revealed by the NYPD on Monday, August 3rd.  





How COVID Has Changed the Way Americans Shop

Some habits picked up during the long lockdown are likely to continue, experts say

Consumer Reports

As the nation recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s baby boomers—not teenagers—who want to hang out at the mall.





Best Robotic Vacuums for Pet Hair

Some of these little robots pack a powerful punch

Consumer Reports

Picking up pieces—or piles—of your pet’s hair can be all in a day’s work for a robotic vacuum. But our tests have found that not all of these little vacs do the task well.




Residents In East New York Tackle Litter, Wonder Where Is DSNY

Rockaway gathers once more on Rockaway Beach Boardwalk 


Overgrown vegetation and excessive litter on Loring Avenue between Drew and Emerald Street in East New York, Brooklyn, made the sidewalk almost impossible to walk through.




Unit J’s Resident Songwriter Dru Cutler New Music Video Features Scenes in Bushwick

Bushwick Daily

Brain Place integrated special effects and Cutler’s song to tell a story about a home assistant seeking freedom from a technology driven world. In a near future, people only seek immediate gratification from their technological implants and the only hint of human interaction remains hidden.




The Monkey on The Table: The First of Four Dutch Artist Series At Bushwick Lingerie Shop

Bushwick Daily

On the basement level of The Rack Shack, one of the highest Google reviewed lingerie shops in Brooklyn, Jonker’s exhibition The Monkey’s on The Table payed homage to abstractions of the body and mind.





Travel the globe without leaving the theater

Queens Chronicle

Performers with thin white fabric over their bodies gather center stage. The lights are still dim and all the audience hears is the jingling of costume accessories. The house knows the first performance is on a Middle Eastern theme, but has no idea about the acrobatic moves and Bollywood-inspired dance about to take place.





Hard times in Rincon, Puerto Rico

A narrative on efforts to relieve a family affected by Hurricane Maria

Queens Chronicle

On Oct. 11, at 9 a.m, Jose Medina boarded a one-way flight to Puerto Rico. Three bags were carried across the terminal to the JetBlue check-in entrance. Two of them had tools, batteries and two large packets of beef jerky. His carry-on bag contained all the clothes he thought he needed to wear in the Caribbean heat.