The Disney Land 60th Diamond Celebration brings Magic to Television screens once again.

star wars 1
Designer art of the Star Wars Experience Theme park ( Photo Credit: Disney Parks’ Erin Glover)

The spectacularr Disney Land 60th Diamond celebration began in the streets of Disney

World featuring the acapella group Pentatonix. With the help of a candle and a tea pot, they sang a rendition of We Are Guests from the Beauty and the Beast.

Jessie James also gave a star studded performance as she sang wish upon a star in a sparking silver and black dress. She stood at center stage with the background of a stary night sky.

A number of performers attended the celebration and did so in a Disney inspired style.

The host of the night Derrick Huff, who’s is best known for his professional dancing, hosted this event and provided us with an on stage Step in Time chronograph. Very well know actor Dick Van Dyke also appeared and danced toward the end of the performance, giving him a standing ovation.

In memorial of the great comedian Robert Williams, Disney spoke on behalf of the actor and the greatness he brought to the Disney films Aladdin. Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo blew the crowd away in his version of Friend like Me, originally sung by Robin Williams.

Viewers saw clips of new Disney directed movies such as Zootopia, the tale of a rabbit turned cop making it in a society of animals and My Pet Dragon, a story of a boy who survived in the wild for seven years said to be because of his pet dragon.

Animated feature films made Walt Disney famous and the stories they tell stay with its audience.

“I liked watching Disney movies because they have lessons or sayings in there too” said York College student Lakshmi Ramdeen, “The movies that stuck with me are those movies like Mulan which showed that women can also be strong, and all those other fairy-tale movies because they showed that no matter what there can be a happily ever after.”

Neil Patrick Harris proudly revealed the new Disney inspired charity by promoting #shareyourears which will donate money to Make-A-Wish America and Make-A-Wish International. Every Mickey ear, bought or hand made, posted on the Web, and hash tagged, will give $5 to the organization.

Exciting news for Star Wars fans of all ages also appeared in the celebration.

Harrison Ford took the stage to discuss the wonders of being apart of the Star Wars Universe and introduced to the world the exciting theme park coming to Disney Land.

“Star Wars is, for a lack for a better word, awesome.” says Harrison.

 The Star Wars Experience is a project made by Disney and Lucas Films to create the ultimate Star Wars Theme park. Attractions will include tasting treats in a market from other alien races and galaxies, stopping by to relax at the nearest Cantina, and partying at a Star Wars inspired Club.

star wars
Designer art of the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars Experience theme park (Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blogs’ Erin Glover)

Jumping in the most notable Millennium Falcon on a ride through hyper space and experiencing battles with The First Order and The Resistance will be other experiences for Disney Park adventurers. No standing release date was announced but the park is said to be coming soon.

The Star Wars portion of the show didn’t end with the sneak peak into the newest Disney Park.

Star Wars live in concert preformed with the help of BB8, the newest droid to join the Star Wars universe. Rolling out on stage, BB8 projected a scene from The Force Awakens where characters Rey and Finn met Han Solo and is told the truth about the Force.

The first Hologram showing Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia character projected right of stage along with scenes from A New Hope as the iconic John Williams London Symphony Orchestra music played together with iconic movie scenes.

The entire audience turned on their lightsabers as the final scenes from Star Wars Live in Concert ended with the final fight between the evil Kylo Ren and Rey.

Certain individuals who live in Hong Kong’s Shanghai will be able to experience a Disney Resort for themselves coming this June 16th according to Shanghai Disney Resort Website.

Tomorrow Land at Shanghai will feature Tron themed rides and Pirates of the Caribbean adventurers. The Disney experience is spreading across the globe for others to enjoy and feel the magic of Disney Land.

The final performance was given to Elton John as he sang on stage in front of sleeping beauties castle with a spectacular of fireworks.

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