Marvel’s Daredevil keeps five star status on Netflix with Season Two

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A tall white male dressed in all black stands on top of a roof water tank. In his hand is an M4 assault rifle and a large scope used to spot his target. With the shot lined up and his target in sight, a chrome canister lands in front of his boots and fills the air with smoke. Out of the smog leaps the devil of hell’s kitchen who delivers a powerful kick to knock down the armed gunman.

Faced with impossible odds and engulfed into the streets of New York City, one devil is said to patrol the streets at night. Despite his inability to see, he uses his super human awareness and rigorous martial arts training to fend off new foes in season two of Daredevil on Netflix.

“Movies like Captain America: The Civil War might receive the lion’s share of attention when it comes to the MCU (Marvel Comics Universe), but Season 2 of Daredevil is a show that in my opinion is the essence of how the serialized storytelling of comic books should be adapted to the screen.” Says James Handcock who wrote a review on wrongreel website.

Marvel’s Netflix original series Daredevil released on March 18th continued events from season one and introduced a new arrangement of Marvel figures.

Actor Charlie Cox continues his role as Matt Murdock and the vigilante Daredevil. Elden Henson playing Murdock’s lawyer associate Foggy Nelson, and Deborah Ann Woll who plays as their secretary Karen Page, enhance their roles as primary characters in the latest season.

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Hallway fight scene on Marvel’s Daredevil Season One on Netflix. Credit: Netflix and Marvel

The last season of Daredevil introduced viewers to the blind lawyer Mathew Murdock, a son of a boxer and trained martial artist, who uses his super human senses to see the world around him. The Nelson and Murdock law firm was struggling to find any cases until they discovered a series of homes being taken away by an unknown source. Murdock used his skills to investigate the streets of Hell’s Kitchen and take down any criminals trying to stop him.

Defeating the crime lord Wilson Fisk played by notable actor Vincent D’Onofrio both in and outside of the law left viewers with an iconic final fight scene between the full suited Daredevil and Fisk aka King Pin.

The darker uniformed daredevil best reflecting artist Frank Miller’s interpretation of the vigilante left its mark in season one but season two brings entirely new costumed figures into the mix.

Producers of the series faced the challenge of including two other iconic marvel figures into season two. Well known actor John Berthnal portrays a vengeful and merciless solider named Frank Castle. The show lets us in on how Frank Castle, a decorated marine and father of two, becomes a vengeful seeking army of one called The Punisher.

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The Punisher appears on Season 2 trailer. Credit: Found on Giphy, Owned by Marvel and Netflix.

His streak of killing off criminals and gangs without remorse proves indifferent to that of Daredevil’s rules on the streets. The Punisher is a well-known figure in the Marvel comics for his brutal nature and producers make no room for censoring his violence.

“In “Dogs to a Gunfight”, Punisher came into the light a little bit more. Not fully, but we actually got to see Jon Bernthal more clearly from the front and hear him say more lines than just “Bang.” No huge reveals about his identity, but the fact that there was more light on him now meant that the final fight at the end was a bit more engaging.” says Matt fowler, a writer for IGN who reviewed the show.

The beautiful actress Elodie Yung stars as Daredevil’s past love interest Elektra. The dangerous and highly skilled assassin is trained to kill and her instincts often clash with that of Daredevils’. Her influence on Murdock will interfere with his relationships to close friends and change how he conducts himself.

“I Think she’s defiantly going to cause more problems.” says Sarah Ahmad a York College Jr who’s watched the show since season one. “I like Elektra because she has a sassy attitude and she knows what she’s doing. I think Fisk and the Punisher are good antagonist and share each others characteristics. I like the Punisher because he’s not a bad person but deep down he has has a troubling past.”

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Daredevil Season Two trailer fight scene with Elektra and Daredevil Credit: Created on Giphy, Owned by Marvel and Netflix

Viewers will also find a trailer for Marvel’s  Luke Cage series towards the end of season two. This series is said to be released September 30th on Netflix and focuses on the story of the indestructible skin and super strength black man from Harlem NY.

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