CUNY Channel Features Professor Ryan Seslow

Professor Ryan Seslow appeared on an episode on the CUNY Channel on March 1st and displayed some of his many creative works. Professor Seslow prefers to be called Ryan and has always helps students better their creative and online work at York College. Those who have Ryan as a professor should know of how inspiring and creative their mentor  is inside and outside of the academic world.

This video can be found on the cunytv75 YouTube page and discusses Ryan’s art in the form of Graphic Animation. Ryan discusses his mix of graffiti and animation as a form of art that breeches the general concepts around graffiti. This art is named “graffanimation” by Ryan and more examples can be found on his website.

This creative work of art called Influencers by Ryan Seslow expresses graffianimation designs with a Gif. Photo Credit:
This creative work of art called Influencers created by Ryan Seslow expresses graffanimation designs with a Gif.
Photo Credit:

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